Friday, May 21, 2010

Gimme Some Slack

So it's Friday. The last Friday of Sophomore year. 3 1/2 days left. And this is a relief, because, you know what? I'm sick of rules! I'm sick of dress codes! I'm sick of homework, of waking up early, of being around people I can't stand all day every day! But guess what. In 3 and just one half days, it ends. I feel caged, like I can't be my real self, yeah, the one with a personality, whenever I'm in this stupid box. So yes, I'm slacking off a little. So sue me. If I'm tardy- I don't care! If I forget to finish a paper (that shouldn't have been assigned with a week left of school) yes I will BS through it in third hour! I'm letting go of my perfectionist ways, if only for this week. But that's all I need.
One thing has kept me going these past weeks. That's the thought, no, the anticipation of what I'm going to do. And here it is; le plan. I will dance my butt off to Diva by Beyonce. I will cruise my NEW CAR :) all over town, blasting my 'in tha car' playlist. i won't wear makeup. i won't straighten my hair. i'll go swimming every day. i'll eat way too many gummi bears. in essence, I WILL HAVE FUN! free from the rules of this rigid day-to-day blah that currently consumes me.
And I can't freakin wait.

Friday, April 9, 2010

You're makin' me blush

I'm thoroughly convinced I have- Tomato Syndrome.
Or Flushing Tomato Syndrome. Or FTS.
Ok, so it's not exactly a nationally recognized disease. I'm working on it.
So, here is a typical scene.
Person A- Hey Jessica, did you study for the Bio test next hour?
Jessica- Huh?! (freaks out; cheeks turn an unnatural shade of flame red).
Person A- Ha. Just kidding! That's next week.
Jessica- Oh. Phew! (and while she's relieved; her cheeks are not, and they remain the oh-so-attractive hue of Lycopersicon esculentum for most of the rest of the day).

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cause a Racquet!

Today, I realized what I wish I could do.
And that is- play on the boys' tennis team! Seeing as how girls' is only in the fall. And every single day I wish that I am going to- not soccer practice, but TENNIS. And I'm ready for a challenge! playing guys would be fun!
So I asked the coach today, joking of course, if I could just maybe join the team?! I'm good enough! :D
While not met with a resounding no, um...not counting on it. :P
I love tennis! tennis... love means nothing. So where does that leave me?
mm, deep eh?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So today is my first venture into the wonderful world of blogging. I guess I'll just dive right in. And why bother with a long life story? No one's reading this anyway! And if they do, they'll probably first make sure I have something worthwhile to say!
Hm, so I guess the first feature will be my pet peeves list. It's always fun to hear people whining about things that bug them, right? Thought so. And so, I begin. This is the school edition.
1. When people announce they: need to pee, are leaving to pee, or so on. YAH! does anyone care? I personally have listened to way, WAY too much bathroom TMI just being on the soccer team. And no, I am not going into detail.
2. Making out in the hallway. Um, ew. I don't care if neither member of the couple is "nasty" or if they look cute together- just, just- Ew! "get a room!" I'm tempted to shout as I dodge couple after couple, just trying to make it through the hallway alive; quite a feat as tired as I normally am.
3. Teachers with cliche phrases that they spit out over. and over. and over. "You never have a second chance to make a good first impression." Yeah, we know. And YOU never have to say that again, thanks. :P
Well, I guess that's about it for now!