Friday, May 21, 2010

Gimme Some Slack

So it's Friday. The last Friday of Sophomore year. 3 1/2 days left. And this is a relief, because, you know what? I'm sick of rules! I'm sick of dress codes! I'm sick of homework, of waking up early, of being around people I can't stand all day every day! But guess what. In 3 and just one half days, it ends. I feel caged, like I can't be my real self, yeah, the one with a personality, whenever I'm in this stupid box. So yes, I'm slacking off a little. So sue me. If I'm tardy- I don't care! If I forget to finish a paper (that shouldn't have been assigned with a week left of school) yes I will BS through it in third hour! I'm letting go of my perfectionist ways, if only for this week. But that's all I need.
One thing has kept me going these past weeks. That's the thought, no, the anticipation of what I'm going to do. And here it is; le plan. I will dance my butt off to Diva by Beyonce. I will cruise my NEW CAR :) all over town, blasting my 'in tha car' playlist. i won't wear makeup. i won't straighten my hair. i'll go swimming every day. i'll eat way too many gummi bears. in essence, I WILL HAVE FUN! free from the rules of this rigid day-to-day blah that currently consumes me.
And I can't freakin wait.